Wow, what an incredible singer… I’m lucky I didn’t have to do my speech after her performance. She choked me up...                        
Jack Layton, Leader of NDP, Canada
A triple threat.
      — Inside Halton Newspaper, Canada
Let’s turn our attention to the rejoicing we need to be doing for all those bright spiritual lights among us who uplift, inspire, bring hope and beauty, and sing of a future worth living for. Canada, you are lucky to have her.
                        — C.K. Hunter, Alternative News Report, “Presenting Canadian vocalist Angelica”
Well, totally angelic and stunning, her powerful voice, her smile, her personality. Her voice is special, magnetic, and so very passionate. The most thunderous and vibrating performance. My goodness, it was amazing!
                                                  — Maria Z. on Angelica’s Concert at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto
Angelica it was a pleasure having you on the show. It was a great success and people are writing me to ask how I heard of you. They love your voice. You are a testament of strength, talent, beauty and hard work.
                                               — Jacqueline Foreman, Host of 'Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show', NJ
I know when an artist exudes passion and determination; that is the passion behind the voice of Angelica. She is one of the most talented, professional, enthusiastic entertainers and vocalists in the Canadian music industry that I have ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. Her impeccable range, excellent tone & pitch impress me every single time. Angelica, I’m sure, will bring new and innovative contributions to the worldwide music scene.
                                                    — Mark Berry, Chairman Attack Media Group, Canada
Angelica is a truly inspired individual who has broken cultural barriers through her singing. She has the qualities of a world-class singer. Her captivating voice, talent and sweet personality are key characteristics that distinguish her. We are honored to award Angelica with the 2010 Canpak Award of Excellence.
                       — Dr. S. Hashmi, RPA, H.D., CEO Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Canada
Angelica has a unique ability to express herself with her angelic voice that touches the listener’s heart. She is everyone’s dream. Read her book. Sit back and experience her singing. I’m sure she will be one of the greats of this decade. We are thrilled to have her as a regular guest as she makes the climb.
                         — Senator Holland Redfield, Host of Straight Talk with Redfield, WSTX, VI
What in incredible singer and what an inspirational story... People from all over the world will hear of you and will be so inspired to take charge and make a positive change in their lives. I predict we will hear a lot more of you in the next year here in the United States.
                     — Garry Sutton, Host of York’s Morning News Radio Show, WSBA910, PA
I was privileged to watch Angelica perform and she is a spectacular singer.
                        — Richard Rionda, CEO Hannibal Pictures, Los Angeles
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Pop/Classical Singer | Songwriter | Author

A Pop/Classical singer, songwriter & author, Angelica is living in Toronto, Canada. However, her roots lie on the shores of the Blue Danube River in Romania, in the town of Galati. The eldest of three children in a middle-class family, Angelica has fond memories of the moments she shared with her siblings and friends, putting shows together for the people in the neighborhood. Her parents quickly identified the kindness and sincerity conveyed by the tone of her voice, and they did everything they could to support Angelica in following her path. Her stage experience started when she was only six years old, when she was accepted in one of the country’s most prestigious schools for the arts. Only eight years old, Angelica was already “at home” on stage performing live, while accompanied by a large orchestra and back-up singers. Performing became part of her normal routine, as Angelica was singing and dancing weekly in live shows, which took place at various theatres across the city.

At the age of 19 Angelica won a National singing competition and became known as one of the most talented rising stars. In the years that followed she performed for the Romanian Community in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Once in Canada, Angelica was so awed by the beauty of this country, that she knew she wanted to be part of it. In spite of the challenges coming along with the process of immigration, Angelica decided to make North America her home and to continue pursuing her career. Sadly, her subsequent joy of moving to North America was marred by a painfully difficult and controlling marriage. Angelica was cut off from her loved ones back home and forced to abandon all musical aspirations.

Not knowing the language, having to work in odd jobs made Angelica’s first years in Canada quite unsettling. But her inner strength kept her tall. She went to College and got certified in Health and Fitness, while diligently working toward rebuilding her career in music. Over time, Angelica slowly built up the courage and inner strength to leave her marriage, start life over, and begin pursuing her dream of music once again. Which brings us to present day.

Angelica decided to document her life journey in the form of both writings and music - this is how the Book and original music CD Remember Who You Are came to life. A collection of experience-based inspirational writings, this unique project chronicles Angelica’s journey through the darkness into light. The CD and Book are now listed in Canada with Chapters/Indigo and in the U.S. with Barnes & Noble.

Due to her heartfelt involvement with various community fundraising events, Angelica was also granted the Award of Excellence from Can-Pak Chamber of Commerce.

Stay posted for Angelica's upcoming endeavors!


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